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Dropshipping platform for your warehouse

How does it work?

How does it work?

Do you wonder how it works? It’s simple!

At the beginning we will:

  1. Configure LetMeDropIt to work in your Warehouse
  2. Train your staff to work with our system
  3. Integrate e-shops of your customers to be compatible with LetMeDropIt

When the configuration phase is over, you will be able to begin using LetMeDropIt.

  1. LetMeDropIt allows the receipt of your clients’ goods into your warehouse.
  2. When any good is sold in your client’s online shop, you will receive an order to complete. 
  3. When completing the goods ordered, LetMeDropIt system will order a courier and prepare a set of documents necessary for the shipment.
  4. Advanced analytical solutions will help you with taking flexible decisions on the criteria according to which you will charge your clients with service costs.

For whom?

LetMeDropIt is an elastic tool that can be integrated into any warehouse system. Its implementation is always preceded by a discussion with the client about his needs and adapting to them. The system can be a great extension of the basic warehouse operations and can even become the main WMS app. Our offer is dedicated mainly to: 

  1. Warehouse owners who want to expand their offer with warehouse services for online stores (Fulfillment). 
  2. Wholesalers who want to offer DropShipping to their customers
  3. E-commerces shops which are looking for companies that offer DropShipping or Fulfillment – we will contact them with customers who are using our system and offer such a service

Who we are

Who we are

Our team consists of passionate people who have spent over a dozen years developing Warehouse Management Systems for Wholesales network. The team members are people who combine programming skills with vast knowledge of warehouse and business processes.

The market-verified combination of skills, knowledge and experience has led us to create great software and gave us the ability to instantly respond to constantly-changing business needs.